Material innovation key to 7nm and beyond

As our semiconductor research team in Albany, NY continues to scale CMOS technology towards future nodes – to 10nm, 7nm, and beyond – the transistor channel resistance that determines current flow, and how we connect to it, continues to play an increasingly significant role in a chip’s overall performance. So in order to ensure the […]

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Taking microelectronics research to the atomic size future and beyond

At the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., tucked between office desks and meeting rooms, there is approximately 40,000 square feet of cleanroom space which comprises the Microelectronics Research Lab (MRL). These cleanrooms consist of highly sophisticated tools run by a skilled team of engineers and scientists who spend their days processing […]

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Advancing semiconductor tech, one nanometer at a time

Dr. Griselda Bonilla is the senior manager of the Advanced BEOL Interconnect Technology team at IBM Research, responsible for delivering innovative solutions that advance IBM’s industry-leading, on-chip interconnect (BEOL) technologies. We sat down with her before her team gave two talks at the IITC/AMC Conference in San Jose, California this week. First off, tell us […]

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