IBM Marks More Than a Quarter Century of Patent Leadership...

IBM leads the U.S. patent list for 26th year in a row with a record 9,100 patents.

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Scalable Forecasts for IoT in the Cloud

IBM Research Castor is designed to manage large numbers of forecasts for time series data and models at scale and on the cloud for IoT-driven businesses.

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Internet of Things

November 23, 2018

A Blockchain Architecture for the Internet of Things

The promise of the Internet of Things: This integration should ideally map to a decentralized hardware and software platform.

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October 3, 2018

Semantic Cache for AI-Enabled Image Analysis

The Semantic Cache combines the low latency of edge deployments with the near-infinite resources available in the cloud to support AI workloads.

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Cloud Computing

August 27, 2018

IoT and Machine Learning to Reduce Energy Use in Cooling...

Operating a commercial building’s cooling system using machine learning techniques and IoT data can help to reduce energy consumption and costs.

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Internet of Things

July 10, 2018

C3SR Develops Winning Design for IoT Applications

C3SR (the IBM-Illinois Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research) developed a winning Internet-of-Things solution in the 2018 System Design Contest.

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Internet of Things

July 4, 2018

IBM Names 2018 Fellows, Including Four IBM Researchers

Half of the 2018 class of IBM Fellows - IBM's highest technical honor - hails from IBM Research.

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Awards and Prizes

April 12, 2018

Changing the Way the World Works: IBM Research’s “5 in...

Our mission at IBM is to help our clients change the way the world works. There’s no better example of that than IBM Research’s annual “5 in 5” technology predictions.

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IBM 5 in 5

March 19, 2018

Capturing the value of place and time with geospatial-temporal insights

IBM scientists have developed an experimental offering named IBM PAIRS Geoscope, a cloud-centric information, discovery, and analytics service that rapidly explores and analyzes massive complex geospatiotemporal data sets.

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Big Data Analytics

March 7, 2018

IBM Researchers Receive Aegis Graham Bell Award for Work in...

IBM Research – India and IBM Software Labs have been recognized by the Aegis Graham Bell Award in 2018 for their work in digital agriculture and innovation in IoT. The...

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IBM Research-India

February 26, 2018

Celebrating Abu Sebastian on National Inventors’ Day

In recognition of National Inventors' Day, IBM researcher, Abu Sebastian, writes about his life as an inventor and his research on phase-change memory devices.

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February 9, 2018