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Seeing and feeling shapes described by a stream of sound

Researchers at IBM’s lab in Tokyo have developed a new method to convert visual shapes on the web into a real-time stream of sound to help visually impaired better understand the shape of an object shown on a web site. Still an early prototype, the technology converts the shape of an object, such as an […]

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Cross-lingual text mining

Discovering knowledge from large volumes of multilingual text data just got easier with new text mining technology from IBM Research. Using globally distributed databases, this cross-lingual text mining technology developed by the research team in Tokyo allows users to search through – and find value in – data written in a language they don’t understand. […]

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Building an inclusive society on the web

In an effort to improve Web accessibility of public services for every Japanese citizen, including the elderly and disabled, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) developed Operational Models for Government Agencies and Municipalities: a manual that provides guidance and procedures that ensure accessibility for such tasks as municipality orders for outsourcing Web site […]

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How IBM is digitizing the world's text

The idea of digitizing all books and making them available on electronic libraries can be traced back to 1945, when Dr. Vannevar Bush wrote “As we may think” in the July issue of The Atlantic. His visionary description of an information centric application called “memex” influenced the development of the hypertext concept and the Internet. […]

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