A Robust AI-Centric Indoor Positioning System

IBM scientists developed a self-learning, adaptive indoor positioning system for smartphones with better accuracy than an existing commercial system.

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IBM Research-Ireland

October 25, 2018

A Blockchain Architecture for the Internet of Things

The promise of the Internet of Things: This integration should ideally map to a decentralized hardware and software platform.

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October 3, 2018

Using AI to Design Deep Learning Architectures

An AI evolutionary algorithm can automatically select the best architecture for deep learning networks up to 50,000 times faster.

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IBM Research-Ireland

September 4, 2018

Semantic Cache for AI-Enabled Image Analysis

The Semantic Cache combines the low latency of edge deployments with the near-infinite resources available in the cloud to support AI workloads.

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Cloud Computing

August 27, 2018

The Adversarial Robustness Toolbox v0.3.0: Closing the Backdoor in AI...

A new release of the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox provides a method for defending against poisoning and "backdoor" attacks in machine learning models.

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August 10, 2018

Understanding the Complexity of Quantum Circuit Compilation

Quantum computing promises to be faster than classical computing in some, but not all computational problems.

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Quantum Computing

August 7, 2018

Natural Language Processing Facilitates Collaborative Decisions

IBM scientists developed a natural language processing tool for collaborative decision-making. It augments the decision process using a virtual facilitator.

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June 26, 2018

Using IoT, AI and cloud technologies to advance home-based integrated...

IBM Research is collaborating with industry and academic partners to investigate how IoT, AI and cloud technologies can advance home-based integrated care for persons with multiple chronic diseases.

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May 15, 2018

Data privacy framework to manage risks in large datasets

IBM researchers present an end-to-end framework to manage privacy risks - especially for large scale data sets - and execute a data privacy strategy.

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IBM Research-Ireland

April 19, 2018

The Adversarial Robustness Toolbox: Securing AI Against Adversarial Threats

IBM Research released the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox, an open-source software library to make AI systems more secure.

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April 17, 2018

Building a winning team using AI

IBM researchers are looking at how AI can be used to recommend team members taking into account diverse experience, knowledge and social connections.

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IBM Research-Ireland

March 16, 2018