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Answering Complex Questions using Neural Program Induction

At ACL 2019, IBM researchers released a paper detailing the model they trained to answer complex questions using Neural Program Induction, which allows an AI model can be taught to procedurally decompose a complex task into a program.

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AI Can Help Retailers Understand the Consumer

AI can help retailers understand the consumer; retailers now need to look at much finer market segments.

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IBM Researchers Receive Aegis Graham Bell Award for Work in Digital Agriculture

The earth’s population is 7.6 billion and will rise to 11 billion by the turn of the century. Somehow, we must feed this 45 percent larger population with 10-20 percent less farmable land, and far less farmers. At the same time, a significant fraction of land and productive crop yield will be converted into bioenergy […]

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Automating Code Generation for Deep Learning Models from Research Papers

In an upcoming presentation at the 2018 AAAI Conference, our team of deep learning experts at IBM Research India propose a new and exploratory technique that automatically ingests and infers deep learning algorithms in published research papers and recreates them in source code for inclusion in libraries for multiple deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe). With […]

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Supply chain finance on blockchain debuts in India

Just a year ago, the concept of blockchain was still in its infancy; at about seven years old, the open source platform serving the bitcoin network was still an “underground” technology, understood by few from both a consumer and developer perspective. Around that time, IBM joined 90 other tech and finance companies on the Open […]

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Cricket Fans Score Big with Data

All-rounder James Faulkner was scoring well before his double wicket maiden that clinched Australia’s 2015 Cricket World Cup finals win over New Zealand. He was scoring with data, or maybe more appropriately, with #ScoreWithData, IBM’s social media insight into players, teams, matches, brands, cities, and fans during the Cricket World Cup – which is played […]

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