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New app lets crowds use their phones to display a single message

More than 4 million people, across every state in the US, participated in the January 22 Women’s March. And the recent Earth Day marches spanned six continents. The messages were clear – but there were hundreds if not thousands of them (from pink knitted caps, to “There’s No Planet B” scrawled on cardboard signs). I […]

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Cognitive machines assist independent living as we age

We’ve all had that so-called “senior moment.” Leaving your wallet at a restaurant. Forgetting where you put your house key. Or maybe it’s physical, like no longer being able to take the stairs up to your office at work. As we age, mental and physical challenges do creep up. And we need assistance to stay […]

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Beats by AI

This post is part of a series recognizing unique IBM Research projects and their unexpected ties to pop culture, with “30” or “1986” being the common thread. The series will run once a week, celebrating the 30th anniversary of IBM Research – Almaden in San Jose, CA. In the spirit of this series’ “30” theme, […]

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