Cognitive Computing

Serving up sake bistro analysis

Don’t let a sea of unstructured data hide good sake What makes a good Japanese sake? Sake is sensitive to temperature. Flavor changes as it is served cold, room temperature, heated warm or hot. Particularly, heating sake to a preferred temperature in a precise amount of time is no easy task to master. Oh, and […]

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From knowledge graphs to cognitive computing

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on 01net’s website as Dati di pubblica utilità: dai knowledge graph al cognitive computing; re-printed here with permission. We live in the era of Big Data, and we use data for everything: from predicting which goods a customer may buy next, to forecasting the weather, and analyzing traffic in […]

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Watson: What the IoT has Been Waiting For

Editor’s note: This article is by Dr. Alessandro Curioni, Vice President, Europe, and Director, IBM Research – Zurich “How much does Watson cost?” I often get asked this question whenever I give a lecture or speak with clients about cognitive computing. My response is always the same: “What is the price of not knowing?” And […]

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