Cloud Computing

Microservices get amalgam8ed

Your favorite websites, the ones that stream movies or sell books, are all made of multiple microservices. These microservices – the homepage, the shopping cart, and the customer reviews, just to name three examples – need constant monitoring, maintenance and updates. While cloud native principles (rules for apps built in the cloud) allow developers to […]

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Special Issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development: Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing involves the delivery of on-demand computing resources, from applications to data centers, using the Internet. The field of managed cloud services brings together expertise and automation to manage end users’ compute, storage, and network resources. Such services also can help in the management of runtime components, operating systems, and middleware, as well as […]

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IBM scientists bring trust and reliability to the cloud with advanced cryptography in EU project

  Interview by Katherina Eleftheriou “Connected ‘things’ – everything from hospital beds, train tracks, cars, buildings and more – are generating massive amounts of data that can be analyzed to provide quick, actionable insights. But before this can happen the data needs to be collected in the cloud where advanced algorithms can detect patterns to […]

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