Govind Kaigala

Programming microfluidic functionalities in real-time with virtual channels

Work by our group at IBM Research Europe in Zurich has led to a new method for the rapid implementation of microfluidic operations. By tailoring the potential landscape inside a flow cell, we form so-called “virtual channels” on demand to perform high-precision guiding and transport, splitting, merging and mixing of microfluidic flows. This allows to […]

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Novel Microfluidic Method for Microscale Bio Separations

Joint research by our group at IBM Research Europe in Zurich and collaborators at Technion, Israel, has led to a new method for separation of particles and molecules from small volume samples. The technique exploits differences in diffusivity – a molecular property which correlates well with size. We are currently adapting the method for rapid […]

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Quantitative Immunohistochemistry: Adding new sight to a historic technique

Using microfluidic probe, IBM scientists perform microscale IHC on tissue sections with a gradient of incubation times for the primary antibody.

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