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Undergraduates: Apply to be a quantum intern with IBM and Princeton University

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IBM and Princeton University are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2021 Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton (QURIP) internship program.

In 2019, IBM Quantum and Princeton University launched the QURIP program, during which 10 students from educational institutions across the United States spent the summer focused on theoretical and experimental research in quantum computing.

We have been thrilled to see the successes that QURIP interns achieved. For example, Lia Yeh and Emma Dasgupta earned top prizes at the ACM Student Research Competition at the MICRO Symposium in October. Lia won the gold prize for her project “Benchmarking ZX-Calculus Circuit Optimization Against Qiskit Transpilation” and Emma won the bronze prize for her project “Statistical Assertions for Debugging in Qiskit.”

Meet the “Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton” Interns

2019 QURIP interns

Back Row L-R: Conner Williams (Harvard University), Rohith Karur (UC-Berkeley), Peter Scherbak (Cornell University), Erik Porter (MIT), Katherine Van Kirk (Stanford University); Front Row L-R: Sabrina Chern (Harvard University) Emma Dasgupta (University of Chicago), Audrey Saltzman (MIT), Lia Yeh (UCSB); Not pictured: Jason Necaise (MIT)


QURIP interns will spend six weeks during the summer of 2020 conducting academic research in quantum science and engineering at Princeton University, followed by six weeks of industry research with the IBM Quantum team at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York. The QURIP program provides rising scientists and engineers experience with fundamental research and industrial applications, helping students develop their careers and chart a path through their graduate and post-graduate studies.

Aspiring QURIP interns can apply to be embedded for the first six weeks of the program in one of a number of research groups at Princeton University to work across a number of disciplines, including quantum materials, condensed matter physics, atomic physics, quantum information science, quantum algorithms, and quantum architecture.

For the next six weeks at IBM, QURIP interns will advance the field of quantum computing by applying the fundamental science of quantum information to research and development that potentially leads to commercial applications of quantum computing. This includes everything from quantum chip architecture, cryogenic system integration, control software, and error correction and mitigation.

During their time at IBM, QURIP interns will join a larger global cohort of IBM Quantum intern researchers, engineers, and developers who are adding to the open source Qiskit project, making contributions to cutting-edge hardware, developing quantum theory, writing the software that controls our quantum computers, and building a quantum computing community. QURIP interns will also have access to the IBM Quantum-wide internship program, which provides educational and professional development support and connects undergraduate and graduate students with each other, with other university programs, with IBM Q Network firms, and with the global quantum computing community through a variety of networking and social events.

Although we were unable to host the 2020 QURIP program due to the Covid-19 pandemic, IBM and Princeton University are planning for a primarily in-person QURIP program in 2021. We are prepared to transition to a remote program if necessary. Over the course of 2020, we have learned a lot about how to make our interns from around the world feel better-connected with one another and with colleagues across IBM, and we plan to apply these lessons to our 2021 program.

Key information about the 2020 QURIP program:

  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2021
  • Stipend and Housing: Provided by Princeton and IBM
  • Eligibility: US citizens and permanent residents; Students enrolled in undergraduate study at the time of their application to the QURIP program
  • Starts: June 7, 2021 or June 14, 2021 (depending on your academic calendar)
  • Ends: August 27, 2021 or September 3, 2021 (depending on your academic calendar)
  • More information and application details

Internship Program Manager, IBM Quantum

Dr. Nathalie de Leon

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

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