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IBM and The Coding School to offer free online quantum computing course for 5,000 students

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IBM Quantum Will Sponsor 5,000 Students to Attend an Eight-Month Intensive Quantum Computing Course (And You Could Be One of Them)

Few things are more important to the IBM Quantum and Qiskit teams than making quantum computing education available and accessible to students around the world. Today, we’re announcing a collaboration with The Coding School, where IBM will sponsor up to 5,000 students the chance to take an intensive eight-month Introduction to Quantum Computing online course. Students can apply here.

Accepted students will take a full-year course called “Qubit by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing” from October 2020 to May 2021, consisting of live lectures, labs, and problem sets. The course is targeted toward high school students and above with no prior quantum computing experience, and will be taught live by MIT and Oxford quantum scientists. Students will use Qiskit and the IBM Quantum experience to learn the foundations of quantum computing with the help of lead instructors Francisca Vasconcelos, a Rhodes Scholar and MIT graduate, and Amir Karamlou, a Graduate Fellow in MIT’s Engineering Quantum Systems group and lead instructor for MIT’s Introduction to Quantum Computing winter session course. Students from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are strongly encouraged to apply, and high school students will be prioritized.

While quantum computing is projected to revolutionize the world as we know it, limited opportunities exist to make quantum accessible to K-12 students or the general population today. The Coding School and IBM are proud to partner to ensure the next generation is equipped with the skills necessary for the future of work: quantum computing.

The Coding School students

The Coding School students

The Coding School (TCS) is a 501(c)(3) tech education nonprofit nonprofit founded in 2014 with a mission to prepare students for the future of work, and has already taught 15,000 students from over 60 countries how to code. The IBM Quantum and Qiskit team and TCS shared a mission to build a diverse, inclusive, and global quantum workforce by bringing a high-quality quantum computing education to as broad an audience as possible. Prior quantum courses put on by TCS have had over 70 percent students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in STEM.

This announcement highlights the IBM Quantum and Qiskit team’s dedication to that mission. This past summer, the Qiskit team hosted the Qiskit Global Summer School, a free, two-week introductory quantum computing course attended by 4084 students from 101 countries. Meanwhile, universities around the world have already begun teaching Quantum Computing with our comprehensive Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit textbook, while our recently announced IBM-HBCU Quantum Center is partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the United States to find and develop top talent from a truly diverse pool of candidates.

Given how early we are in quantum computing’s history, we have the chance to shape the very foundation of the future’s quantum computing ecosystem. Our program strives to promote quantum computing education for a diverse, global community, who can shape the direction this technology takes to have the biggest, most positive impact on society. Plus, the field still faces a number of challenges before we’ll see a quantum computer capable of solving hard computational problems. We don’t want education access to be the roadblock in the way of any passionate student, no matter their location or circumstances, to make a potentially groundbreaking impact.

Why We Want 5,000 Students to Take This Eight-Month Intensive Online Quantum Computing Class

On top of this course offering, TCS has worked with 30 schools from countries around the world to present this course for high school credit. If you are an administrator interested in offering Qubit by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing for credit your own school, please reach out to quantum@the-cs.org.

We’re incredibly excited to offer this opportunity, and hope you’ll consider joining. The course begins on October 18, 2020, and applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis in two rounds on October 9 and October 15. Late applicants will only be accepted if course capacity allows. Individuals are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Learn more about the program and apply here


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Director, IBM Quantum & Qiskit Community

Abe Asfaw

Quantum Education Lead, IBM Quantum

Kiera Peltz

Founder of The Coding School

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