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IBM Roundtable: Accelerating the Journey to Quantum App Development

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Perhaps more than any technology before it, quantum computing will create a deep disparity between first movers and fast followers. That was the assessment a panel of academics, entrepreneurs and quantum computing experts at the July 9 virtual roundtable, “The Future of Quantum Software Development.”

The group, including Dr. Prineha Narang, CTO and co-founder, Aliro Technologies, and Assistant Professor at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, William “whurley” Hurley, CEO and founder of Strangeworks, Dr. Blake Johnson, Control Systems Delivery Lead, IBM Quantum, and moderated by Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester’s Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CIO Professionals, discussed the need for intuitive application development tools, when quantum advantage might arrive and what it will look like when it does.

Read more about the panel, and IBM Quantum’s optimization module in the IBM Newsroom, and watch the entire discussion, here:


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