MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Welcomes Inaugural Members

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MIT-IBM Watson AI LabAt IBM Research we’re committed to an exploratory science agenda. Collaborations with academia are a key part of this strategy, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab demonstrates how IBM is working with universities to bring the different horizons of inquiry and exploration together.

As the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab celebrates its second anniversary, the Lab is now embarking on a new collaborative journey, engaging with leading companies to advance AI research. Today, the Lab announced its new Membership Program and welcomed Boston Scientific, Nexplore, Refinitiv and Samsung as inaugural members. Members will participate in activities with research scientists from MIT and IBM in pursuit of leading-edge AI advances that hold the potential to transform how business is done.

The benefits of participating in the Lab’s Membership Program are tailored to each company’s goals:

Boston Scientific: The Marlborough, Mass.-based medical solutions provider will interact with MIT and IBM researchers to help Boston Scientific as they address unmet patient needs with analytics and AI-related capabilities that can be applied across its businesses, including neuromodulation, interventional cardiology, heart rhythm management, peripheral interventions, endoscopy and urology.

Nexplore, the digital transformation arm of Grupo ACS: Nexplore leads digital transformation efforts for many of the largest construction and mining companies in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The team will interact with the Lab to apply AI algorithms that can help improve construction processes, such as monitoring concrete quality.

Refinitiv: The global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure will focus on the Lab’s projects that could deliver more value to Refinitiv’s customers, such as uncovering financial forecasting surprises with knowledge graphs, and accelerating time to market for machine learning by transforming how models are trained.

Additional benefits of joining the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab include the ability to select projects from the Lab’s broad portfolio, designate a ‘scholar in residence’ to work alongside IBM and participate with MIT and IBM researchers at events and technical summits, and provide input on projects proposed for Lab funding.

The greatest advances in AI will come from the collective ideas and energy of researchers and stakeholders from across academia and industry, and we look forward to working with our new Members.


IBM Director, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Antonio Torralba

MIT Director, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

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