IBM Research AI at CHI 2019

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The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pronounced ‘kai’) will be held May 4­–9, 2019, in Glasgow, UK. IBM Research AI will present eight technical papers, including an Honorable Mention Best Paper Award, reflecting our recent research in human-computer interaction (HCI) in the context of AI. Our work includes studies of how humans interact with conversational agents, a system for helping people with limited visual abilities navigate public spaces, and a novel method for diagnosing disease based on how people interact with touch-based input devices such as smartphones. IBM researchers have also issued a call-to-arms to the HCI community to become more involved in the design of user experiences for quantum computing.

At IBM Research, we believe that the purpose of technology is to improve the quality of our lives. Technological development in any field must always be guided by a human perspective. The discipline of HCI gives us a scientific foundation for ensuring the technologies we create solve real problems, beginning with understanding the people for whom we are designing, creating prototypes with those people, and evaluating how well our designs actually work in practice. HCI researchers at IBM strive to leverage advanced technologies from fields such as AI and quantum computing into delightful, easy-to-use, and inspiring end products that transform our lives.

Attending CHI and want to learn more about our work at IBM Research AI? Come join us on Tuesday May 7 at 8pm at the IBM Research@CHI Networking Reception.

We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow!

Accepted papers at CHI

Airport Accessibility and Navigation Assistance for People with Visual Impairments
João Guerreiro, Dragan Ahmetovic, Daisuke Sato, Kris Kitani, Chieko Asakawa
Tuesday, May 7, 11am, Transportation and Mobility, Carron 2

Resilient Chatbots: Repair Strategy Preferences for Conversational Breakdowns
Zahra Ashktorab, Mohit Jain, Q. Vera Liao, Justin D. Weisz
Tuesday, May 7, 2pm, Chatbots and Agents, Clyde Auditorium

Should I Interfere? AI-Assistants’ Interaction with Knowledge Workers: A Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry
Juliana Jansen Ferreira, Ana Fucs, Vinícius Segura
Tuesday, May 7, 2pm, Artificial Intelligence Challenges, Argyll 1 CROWN

What Can Gestures Tell? Detecting Motor Impairment in Early Parkinson’s from Common Touch Gestural Interactions
Feng Tian, Xiangmin Fan, Junjun Fan, Yicheng Zhu, Jing Gao, Dakuo Wang, Xiaojun Bi, Hongan Wang
Tuesday, May 7, 2pm, Neurological Disease Management, Carron 1

The Effect of Co-located Audiences on User Experience with Conversational Interfaces in Physical Spaces (Honorable Mention)
Heloisa Candello, Claudio Pinhanez, Mauro Pichiliani, Paulo Cavalin, Flavio Figueiredo, Marisa Vasconscelos, Haylla Conde
Tuesday, May 7, 4pm, Conversational UIs, Island A CROWN

How Data Science Workers Work with Data: Discovery, Capture, Curation, Design, Creation
Michael Muller, Ingrid Lange, Dakuo Wang, David Piorkowski, Jason Tsay, Q. Vera Liao, Casey Dugan, Thomas Erickson
Wednesday, May 8, 9am, Humans’ Work with Data, Boisdale 2

Thinking Too Classically: Toward a Research Agenda for Human-Quantum Computer Interaction
Zahra Ashktorab, Justin D. Weisz, Maryam Ashoori
Wednesday, May 8, 9am, On the Edge of HCI, Lomod Auditorium

BBeep: A Sonic Collision Avoidance System for Blind Travellers and Nearby Pedestrians
Seita Kayukawa, Keita Higuchi, João Guerreiro, Shigeo Morishima, Yoichi Sato, Kris Kitani, Chieko Asakawa
Wednesday, May 8, 4pm, Assistive Technologies for the Future, Boisdale 2

Workshops at CHI

Designing Crowd-powered Creativity Support Systems
Jonas Oppenlaender, Maximiliam Mackeprang, Maja Vukovic, Abderrahmane Khiat, Jorge Goncalves, Simo Hosio
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Island A CROWN

Hacking Blind Navigation
João Guerreiro, Hernisa Kacorri, Jeffrey Bigham, Edward Cutrell, Daisuke Sato, Dragan Ahmetovic, Chieko Asakawa
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Carron 2

Human-Centered Study of Data Science Work Practices
Michael Muller, Melanie Feinberg, Timothy George, Steven Jackson, Bonnie John, Mary Beth Kery, Samir Passi
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Castle 1 CROWN

HCI in China: Research Agenda, Education Curriculum, Industry Partnership, and Researcher Communities
Feng Tian, Xiangshi Ren, Xiangmin Fan, Wei Li, Haipeng Mi, Tun Lu, Chun Yu, Dakuo Wang
Saturday, May 4, 2:30pm, Aish 2

CHI4Evil: Creative Speculation on the Negative Effects of HCI Research
Robert Soden, Michael Skirpan, Casey Fiesler, Zahra Ashktorab, Eric Baumer, Mark Blythe, Jasmine Jones
Sunday, May 5, 9am, Dochart 2

CHInclusion: Working towards a more inclusive HCI Community
Angelika Strohmayer, Cayley MacArthur, Velvet Spors, Michael Muller, Morgan Vigil-Hayes, Ebitsam Alabdulqader
Sunday, May 5, 9am, Carron 2

Conversational Agents: Constructing Action Plans from a Wave of Research and Development
Richard Jacques, Asbjørn Følstad, Elizabeth Gerber, Jonathan Grudin, Ewa Luger,  Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Dakuo Wang
Sunday, May 5, 9am, Castle 3 CROWN

The Body as a Starting Point: Applying Inside Body Knowledge for In-Bodied Design
Josh Andres, m.c. schraefel, Aaron Tabor, Eric Hekler
Sunday, May 5, 9am, Castle 1 CROWN

SIGCHI Research Ethics Town Hall
Cosmin Munteanu, Amy Bruckman, Michael Muller, Christopher Frauenberger, Casey Fiesler, Robert E. Kraut, Katie Shilton, Jenny Waycott
Monday, May 6, 4pm, Argyll 1 CROWN

Workshop papers at CHI

Human-AI Collaboration: Towards Socially-Guided Machine Learning
Vera Liao, Rachel Bellamy, Michael Muller, Heloisa Candello
Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Dochart 1

It Takes a Village to Raise an AI
Claudio Pinhanez
Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Dochart 1

The Deciders: Envisioning A Future of Pervasive AI
Justin D. Weisz, Maryam Ashoori
Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Dochart 1

Teaching Chatbots to Show Science: A Study with Museum Guides [poster]
Heloisa Candello, Mauro Pichiliani, Claudio Pinhanez, Paulo Cavalin
Emerging Perspectives in Human-Centered Machine Learning
Saturday, May 4, 9am, Dochart 1

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