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Sensemaker Series: IBM Researchers on Future Tech for Financial Services

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The financial services industry faces mounting pressures to reduce costs, improve customer experience, compete with emerging players, and comply with new regulations. At the same time, IBM Research is driving innovations that will transform the financial services industries using technologies like AI, blockchain, quantum computing, IoT, cybersecurity, and cloud. These advances are surfacing new capabilities in risk modeling, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, distributed and decentralized trust models, and data privacy. Financial institutions can begin adopting these advanced technologies now to set a course for future growth. IBM researchers explain how in the Sensemaker series at next week’s Sibos 2018 conference in Sydney, Australia.

Sensemaker series by IBM Research and Innotribe@Sibos

Sibos is the premier global event for the financial services industry, bringing together influential leaders from financial institutions, market infrastructure, multinational corporations, and technology partners. Innotribe@Sibos showcases innovative technologies that impact the financial community. This year, Innotribe has partnered with IBM Research on the Sensemaker series, which will focus on innovative technologies that are poised to bring big change to the financial sector in the coming years: decentralization, quantum computing, interconnected AI solutions, and cybersecurity. Read on for details and webcast links for the Sensemaker sessions, and learn about all of IBM’s activities at Sibos at

Decentralization as a form of trust

Rapid change is driving new approaches to collaboration across financial services. In response, financial institutions are turning to decentralized business models enabled by blockchain, AI, and IoT. IBM Research is applying these emerging technologies to transform governments and enterprises to thrive in the digital economy. In one example, IBM partnered with Twiga Foods to create a blockchain-based microfinancing platform. On Monday, October 22, Charity Wayua of IBM Research-Africa will discuss this project and explain how decentralization has become the new form of trust for business.

Applications of quantum computing

Quantum computers will eventually allow us to solve problems that are unsolvable today using classical computer systems alone. On Tuesday, October 23, Anna Phan of IBM Research-Australia will discuss IBM Q, a first-of-its-kind commercial quantum computing program, and the ongoing, exploratory research of applying quantum in the financial industry. From modelling financial markets and instruments to detecting patterns in past data, a range of potential applications of quantum computing in financial services are now being investigated.

AI and interconnectedness

In the coming years, digital enterprises will come to rely on AI systems that reason at much deeper and broader levels than ever before. IBM Research is driving breakthrough innovations that combine AI analytics and IoT approaches into end-to-end industry solutions. On Wednesday, October 24, Heike Riel of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center will examine broad enterprise AI applications to financial services and other industries.

Securing the future

The financial services industry is often targeted by cyberattacks. Phishing attacks, malware, malicious code, insider attacks, and attacks by nation states all pose persistent and deepening threats. To neutralize this threat, IBM Research is developing new security protocols based on lattice cryptography, which not even future quantum computers can crack. On Thursday, October 25, Cecilia Boschini of IBM Research-Zurich will examine advances in AI techniques that enable both data privacy and compliance with new regulations such as GDPR, as well as post-quantum cryptography, in “Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity and Privacy”.

Sensemaker session details

Sensemaker: Decentralization as a new form of trust
Charity Wayua
22 October 2018 13:30-14:00 AEDT (GMT+11)

Sensemaker: The possible applications of quantum computing
Anna Phan
23 October 2018 13:30-14:00 AEDT (GMT+11)

Sensemaker: The interconnectedness of everything and advanced AI
Heike Riel
24 October 2018 13:30-14:00 AEDT (GMT+11)

Sensemaker: Shaping the future of cybersecurity and privacy
Cecilia Boschini
25 October 2018 13:30-14:00 AEDT (GMT+11)

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