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IBM Names 2018 Fellows, Including Four IBM Researchers

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Half of IBM’s 2018 Fellows Hail from IBM Research

For more than 70 years, IBM Research has defined the future of technology for IBM. Today, we lead the way forward in AI, blockchain, quantum computing and cybersecurity, thanks to critical foundational research conducted across our global labs. This defining moment in IBM’s transformation is made possible by extraordinary technical leaders like this year’s class of IBM Fellows, half of whom come from IBM Research. Congratulations to Jay Gambetta, Jianying Hu, Harry Kolar and Vijay Narayanan, four IBM researchers who have earned IBM’s highest technical honor, which is recognized the world over as a mark of scientific eminence.

Meet IBM Research’s 2018 Fellows

Jay is the principal theoretical scientist behind IBM’s quantum computing effort. He leads IBM’s quantum theory team, which has invented several key techniques now used routinely in quantum labs worldwide. Jay is a leading contributor to the software, interface experience and educational content of the IBM Q Experience, enabling public exploration of quantum computing. He also leads the IBM Q™ effort to develop commercial applications and software for near-term quantum computers.

Jianying has made pioneering contributions to the field of computational health. She championed groundbreaking developments of advanced computational methodologies drawn from modern machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition and visual analytics to generate insights from real-world health data in support of personalized medicine. Her technical leadership led to the creation of new scientific approaches to data-driven health analytics, established IBM Research as a center of competence for computational health and was highly influential in the formation of IBM Watson Health.

Harry is a globally recognized expert in Internet of Things (IoT) systems that combine IoT technologies with complex computer modeling of natural ecosystems. His scientific and technical leadership has been central to a series of projects including the Jefferson Project at Lake George, for which he leads the research and development of unique IoT capabilities on four different types of multisensor platforms in and around the lake. His interdisciplinary team of experts includes computer scientists, engineers, electrical engineers, atmospheric physicists, a marine biologist, a limnologist (limnology is the study of inland waters) and visualization artists.

Vijay has made seminal contributions to the science and technology of high-dielectric constant oxide materials and metal gate based (HKMG) transistors — arguably the most significant materials innovation in the silicon-based semiconductor industry over the last 30 years. His willingness to think differently and try new approaches led to early innovations that made HKMG a mainstream technology.

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