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IBM Research Third Quarter 2010 External Honors

External recognition demonstrates IBM Research’s continuing contribution to the company and to the scientific community. Several researchers, past and present, were recognized during the quarter:

Member – Major Honorary Academy

  • Don Eigler: Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 09/2010

Major Award/Medal/Prize

  • Phaedon Avouris: Pioneer Award, IEEE: Nanotechnology Council, 08/2010
  • Marion Ball: IMIA Award of Excellence, International Medical Informatics Association, 09/2010
  • Don Eigler: Kavli Prize for Nanoscience, Norwegian Academy of Science/Kavli Foundation, 09/2010
  • Alan Gara: Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award, IEEE: Computer Society, 11/2010

Fellow – Science/Technology Societies

  • Tyrone Grandison: British Computer Society, 07/2010

President – Science/Technology Societies

  • Peter Haas: INFORMS Simulation Society, 07/2010


  • Peter Bak: VAST Challenge Award, IEEE Visual Analytics in Science and Technology, 10/2010
  • Josephine Cheng: Alumnus of the Year, UCLA, 11/2010
  • Craig Gentry: Privacy Enhancing Technologies Award, PET, 07/2010
  • Laura Haas: Technical Leadership Award, Anita Borg Institute, 09/2010
  • Prabhakar Kudva: IEEE Region 1 Award, For Outstanding Contributions to Design Automation of Digital Systems and Advances in Microprocessor Chip Resilience, IEEE, 09/2010
  • Tessa Lau: New Media IT Leadership Award, Women of Color, 10/2010
  • Ajay Royyuru: 2010 North American Technology Innovation of the Year Award in Biological Simulation Systems, Frost & Sullivan, 09/2010
  • Vladimir Zolotov: IEEE Region 1 Award, For Outstanding Contribution to Improving Design Reliability Using Statistical Timing Analysis, IEEE, 09/2010