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IBM Research and Lotus Sametime 3D- Phase 2

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  • RICK BADMAN says:

    The easiest way to produce 3-D images without needing the glasses would be to use two cameras for a stereo view and scan them at 60 to 120 frames a second with alteration between the right and left eyes.

    Another way is to use computerized 3-D which would take a standard image and reconstruct it for 3-D.

    The images could be recorded on two image tracks of a VCR tape or a DVD. The recording heads could be smaller so that there is no loss in recording time capability.

    The deeper TV picture tubes will present deeper images while a flat-screen set may present acceptable images in high definition. With two cameras or a computerized system presenting 3-D images which require no special glasses, TVs could be like windows on the world.

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