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IBM Researchers in Action (Week of November 3)

IBM Researchers in Action (Week of November 3)

  1. Researcher Marion Ball

    Recognition: Marion Ball selected as 2008 AAN Honorary Fellow
    The American Academy of Nursing inducts Marion Ball at its 35th Annual Meeting and Conference in November. (pictured: Researcher Marion Ball)

  1. Researcher Peter Buhler

    Security: IBM Research unveils “Security-on-a-Stick” to protect consumers and banks from the most sophisticated hacker attacks
    Specialized USB stick adds an extra level of security and protects online banking transactions despite attacks on personal computers (pictured: Researcher Peter Buhler)


  1. Researcher Oded Margalit

    Games: IBM Research’s “Ponder This” puzzle reaches milestone, inspires research paper 
    Our Ponder-this corner reached its 127th month, which is the maximal number that fits into signed byte. To celebrate this.. (pictured: Researcher Oded Margalit)


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