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Do you prefer your mobile device over your PC?

IBM Study Finds Consumers Prefer a Mobile Device Over the PC

ARMONK, NY, Oct 23, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — IBM today released new survey results which reveal that over 50 percent of consumers would substitute their Internet usage on a PC for a mobile device. Expanding on the May 2008 “Go Mobile, Grow” study produced by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, the survey identifies new findings that validate previous conclusions on how consumers will be open to full adoption of the mobile device as the hub for Internet activity.

I’d be interested in your thoughts.


  1. David Sky says:

    I just recently got an Apple iPod Touch. I figure if I’m going to complain about all the lack of features ( no copy and paste? No way to transfer files from iPod to iPod, even free apps? No bluetooth stereo out? ) I should at least have one.

    I also find myself using my laptop at home less and less, but I don’t use it as much to browse the web as I thought I would.

    iPhone enabled web pages, like Popurls or SomaFM are great, as are iPhone specific apps, like the one for Facebook. And the only way I can read ‘normal’ web pages is through the great Instapaper app.

    Other than that, plain old web pages tend to be a pain and I still use my laptop.

  2. bradmays says:

    Timely topic. I’m working without my laptop today because it died last night. Today I’m working off my iPhone 3G and blackberry 8820. I have used the bb often and on my second one. The early limitations for going completely to cell phone are the limitations of a small keyboard and no spell check. The unexpeted results of this experiment are more cerebral. I feel a bit more detached, or less so than when I’m working on my laptop. Even though I am as accessible and connected on both these devices.

    I think with a bit more personal reprogramming, a bit more computing power and a greater change of mindset, I could probablly spend a couple days a week fully on cell.

  3. Jay Spear says:

    I have had a pocket pc windows mobile phone for almost two years. I liked it and used it more for data than phone calls from day one … but I still got out my laptop whenever I needed to do more than check email.

    Then I got an iPod Touch. Now my laptop stays in the bag much more. I love this device. Apple has access to alien technology. Those with an iPhone have the added utility.

    All mobile devices are not the same. From my experience with multiple devices … the right device will satisfy the majority of home~pc communication and entertainment needs.

    If you aren’t developing for the iPhone get with it! We’ve tried android and we’re keeping our apples.