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Statement on Senate USMCA Vote

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Today, the Senate votes on the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). Below is IBM’s statement calling on the Senate to pass USMCA.

Statement on US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement Vote in the Senate
IBM calls on members of the Senate to vote in favor of the USMCA today. We appreciate Senate leadership championing the agreement’s strong digital trade provisions, which are critical to innovation, economic growth and job creation in the North American economy.

Importantly, the USMCA reflects the 21st Century economy that increasingly depends on the secure flow of data between countries as well as the flow of goods. The agreement’s digital trade chapter will protect American global competitiveness by ensuring the free flow of data across borders and limiting requirements to localize data. These provisions – and many others – set a new global standard in digital trade that will help companies and citizens put data to work for economic growth.
– Christopher Padilla, Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs, IBM

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