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Three IBMers Elected to the National Academy of Engineers

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IBM has a long history of making the technological advancements that change our world for the better. We are constantly working to develop for both the environment and business new innovations that can help the world become smarter and expand economic opportunity. These innovations are impossible without the dedication of immensely talented IBMers.

Three of these outstanding colleagues were this week elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Academy membership is one of the highest professional distinctions granted to an engineer. The honor is bestowed upon those who have made significant contributions to the field and have pioneered new and developing technologies.

Wayne Balta, IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety, was recognized for his work advancing corporate environmental sustainability practices worldwide. Hariklia Deligianni is a retired IBM research scientist recognized for advancing electrochemical processes used by major microelectronic chip producers worldwide. Sharon Nunes, a retired IBM Vice President of Smarter Cities and Big Green Innovation was honored for her leadership in the development of next-generation green technologies, focusing on novel materials and processes.

“I am thrilled to see such talented and impressive IBMers earn one of engineering’s top honors,” said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM’s Executive Vice President and a fellow member of the National Academy of Engineering. “This well-deserved achievement is a reflection of their dedication not only to the field of engineering, but more broadly to making our world a better place. I’m honored to call Wayne, Hariklia, and Sharon my colleagues, and grateful for their remarkable achievements.”

The NAE will induct new members on October 6, 2019 in Washington, DC.


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