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IBM Calls on South Carolina, Arkansas, and Wyoming to Enact a Hate Crimes Law

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With America still reeling from the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and broad national outcry over racial injustice, IBM this week sent letters to the Governors of three states–South Carolina, Arkansas, and Wyoming—that do not have hate crime laws on the books.

The letters urged South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, to work to pass a hate crimes law in their respective states that would strengthen the application of justice in our society. With Georgia having recently enacted a hate crime law, the time is now to ensure that hate crimes are treated harshly under the law everywhere in this country.

In the letters, IBM also pledged to work with business and community leaders in each state, and members of the state legislatures, to build bipartisan support for hate crimes legislation. Advocating for the enactment of hate crimes laws in states where we conduct business is an obligation IBM feels deeply given our history and values.

These letters are a first step. Much work remains to be done, and IBM is committed to standing-up for equality and fairness and fighting discrimination everywhere IBMers live and work.

You can view PDFs of the letters below.

Media Contact:
Sarah Minkel

Download the PDF letter to Governor McMaster here
Download the PDF letter to Governor Hutchinson here
Download the PDF letter to Governor Gordon here

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