PEPPOL – Here to Help

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PEPPOL – Here to Help

Here is a short video, also available on Youtube that explains how PEPPOL can simplify your electronic trade and save you money.

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PEPPOL and the Future of EDI – IBM WhitePaper

PEPPOL and the Future of EDI – IBM Point-of-view I’m delighted to present an updated version of IBM’s Future of EDI – Point-of-view whitepaper.  PEPPOL is gaining increasing traction across Europe and the world, and spreading from it’s Business-to-Government trade roots into common B2B usage. Read how PEPPOL standardization, together with “old-world” EDI and new […]

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Supercharging the VAN –> (Value Added Network)

Supercharging the VAN (IBM’s EDI Value Added Network) If you’re researching the topic of PEPPOL and the EDI VAN network, I probably don’t need to explain that how Value Added Networks (VAN) were created, generally decades ago, by daisy-chaining individual e-business service provider’s EDI networks to send or receive electronic trade documents to distant trading […]

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PEPPOL for Dinner

IBM has designed an array of flexible PEPPOL Services to meet the needs of our worldwide clients and Partners. Which is your favourite? Over the past many years of PEPPOL and EDI leadership, IBM has recognized that a One-Size-Fits-All approach will not suit most Buyers and Sellers. To this end, we have designed a tasty […]

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