PEPPOL – Here to Help


PEPPOL – Here to Help

Here is a short video, also available on Youtube that explains how PEPPOL can simplify your electronic trade and save you money.

My IBM Homepage:

IBM PEPPOL Offering Manager

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Pick IBM PEPPOL! In 2 previous posts (here, and here), I’ve considered various topics around “How to pick a PEPPOL Provider?” Deliberately, I took a non-partisan view and was pleasantly surprised when I found some of my competitors and potential clients were using my material to explain the “why” and “how” of PEPPOL to their […]

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PEPPOL is a strategic opportunity. Are you ready?

PEPPOL is a strategic opportunity for your competitors. Is your business ready? Join Ger Clancy, IBM Offering Manager for e-Invoicing and PEPPOL, as he guides you through easier B2B and B2G e-Commerce in a globalised business environment. Leave with actionable takeaways that you can implement in your organization. Reduce complexity and dependency on customised electronic […]

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IBM PEPPOL – Complexity Made Simple

IBM PEPPOL – Complexity Made Simple See how IBM’s PEPPOL Offering can energise your European trade . We Should Talk!!

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