PEPPOL – Here to Help

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PEPPOL – Here to Help

Here is a short video, also available on Youtube that explains how PEPPOL can simplify your electronic trade and save you money.

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IBM PEPPOL Offering Manager

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PEPPOL for Dinner

IBM has designed an array of flexible PEPPOL Services to meet the needs of our worldwide clients and Partners. Which is your favourite? Over the past many years of PEPPOL and EDI leadership, IBM has recognized that a One-Size-Fits-All approach will not suit most Buyers and Sellers. To this end, we have designed a tasty […]

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IBM is UBL-Ready for Netherlands

IBM is UBL_Ready for Netherlands IBM recently certified as #UBL-Ready for Dutch trade.         UBL-Ready Participants This certification underscores IBMs commitment both to the PEPPOL project, as well as it’s Dutch implementation as SimplerInvoicing. IBM Netherlands can now invoice the Dutch public sector as a supplier of goods and services. Also, as […]

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Pick IBM PEPPOL! In 2 previous posts (here, and here), I’ve considered various topics around “How to pick a PEPPOL Provider?” Deliberately, I took a non-partisan view and was pleasantly surprised when I found some of my competitors and potential clients were using my material to explain the “why” and “how” of PEPPOL to their […]

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