PEPPOL Directory

PEPPOL Directory matures

PEPPOL Directory matures: I last wrote about PEPPOL Directory in Feb 2017, when the project received formal approval from OpenPEPPOL to deploy its “Yellow Pages” style lookup service to production. The service launched in June 2017, but I waited with an update until the adoption had begun to properly pick up. Last week the Italian […]

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PEPPOL Directory Deployment approved!!

PEPPOL Directory deployment approved by OpenPEPPOL!! In the past days, we received OpenPEPPOL’s approval to deploy PEPPOL Directory to full production asap.  This is great news, and the culmination of nearly 3 years of intense work. Back in May 2014, we began looking for a better way to help PEPPOL users to derive more benefit […]

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PEPPOL Directory marches on

PEPPOL Directory getting closer It’s time for a status update on PEPPOL Directory, and share some good news after more than 2 years of hard work. We set out to find a way of helping PEPPOL users derive more benefit from their investments. “There must be an easier way” to discover and connect with new […]

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Hello “PEPPOL Directory”

Hello “PEPPOL Directory” I’m sure many of you have been following efforts over the past months to create a PEPPOL “Phone Book”. The wait is almost over!! This new feature will allow PEPPOL Providers to make the business address data of their PEPPOL-connected End Clients searchable, and will allow anyone to search for multiple terms […]

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Announcing “PEPPOL Yellow Pages”

Announcing “PEPPOL Yellow Pages” – aka PEPPOL Directory The most difficult PEPPOL-related question which I’m regularly asked is: “How can I tell which of my trading partners are already on PEPPOL?” Unfortunately, there is no all-encompassing PEPPOL “Yellow Pages” directory. At least not yet! Norway does maintain a publicly accessible listing of Norwegian PEPPOL Endpoints, […]

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PEPPOL @ NHS In May 2014, the NHS announced plans to save £1.5 billion in the financial year 2015 by using a combination of GS1 to standardise product barcoding and PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online – to standardise and simplify eProcurement and eInvoicing. See the NHS eProcurement announcement here. This post is addressed […]

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