With AI and Project Debater, IBMers InnovationJammed about new strategies after Covid-19

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On May 12 -14 IBM employees ‘InnovationJammed’ about, where and how the company can and should innovate and transform itself after the crisis and to address customer’s new, disrupted situation and IBM’s own changed reality.

Don’t know what an ‘IBM InnovationJam is?’

Under the title ‘Think Forward 2020’, we,  employees of IBM worldwide, were invited to discuss topics like; how can we engage and collaborate with clients in new ways, how can we ensure that we deliver value. How should we adapt our ways of working and work-life balance to the new conditions.  More questions and mini-polls were posed during the Jam, as trends and hot interest areas surfaced in the discussions.

The InnovationJam is run securely in the IBM Cloud, which means that it can scale up and down from a few 100  participants to millions if required. There are special facilitator tools that assist through advanced NLP and sentiment analysis to identify ‘trending topics’ across discussion threads and comments/ideas with the biggest interest and potential.

With AI technologies from IBM Project Debater, arguments for and against the different ideas and comments are being compared through advanced language analysis and understanding.

Participants in IBM jams have the option of auto-translation and to like and share posts.  They may choose to follow one or more participants or conversations. All participants can start new conversation threads under the main themes. The jam can be accessed from all platforms from mobile to desktop – Android to IoS

The team behind the jam is now using advanced text analysis and visualizations to gain insights into the many, valuable inputs, to very quickly summarise the jam and identify the high impact action items.

Joint creation of new strategy on time after Covid-19

The crisis also affects IBM – both in relation to how we can interact with our customers, business partners, and suppliers – and in relation to our own work life and private life. Despite the fact that IBM for years has been practicing work-from-home on a global scale, yet it is quite different after all when all customers, partners, suppliers, and colleagues are to be accessed virtually. It has created new needs, experiences, and ideas for improvements in terms of work practices,  technology, management, and socially.

The many insights will now be used to adjust our own strategy and offerings to enhance our ability to deliver value to our customers’ transformation in getting ready for the ’new normal’.

InnovationJam – also for our customers

IBM’s InnovationJam™ is ideal for companies and enterprises looking to kick-start a transformation or change program through a transparent ‘conversation’. Often tied to a larger campaign, the output from a jam helps clarify — and in some cases course correct — activities and initiatives established at the highest level of an organization. Sponsors are provided the raw content as well as a post-event analytics report, illustrating recommendations gleaned from the jam. We have over the years conducted numerous internal and external InnovationJams™ IBM for clients, such as Nokia to NATO.

Read more about Innovation Jam here

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