Webinar: How AI makes GDPR-compliance possible for your unstructured data.

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In this webinar Aigine will discuss how AI makes GDPR compliance possible for your unstructured data.

The following subjects will be discussed throughout the webinar:

  • GDPR introduces new definitions for personal data and data source, creating a giant work load for all organizations.
  • Aigine combines a digital process with artificial intelligence and a contextual knowledge database, reducing the work load with more than 97% at the same time as the remaining work can be distributed to non-legal professionals.
  • Aigine introduces collaborative cognitive learning. By creating annotation code, the rocket fuel of deep learning, locally, every user helps in training the AI, and every user benefits from these enhanced capabilities.

Language: Swedish


For any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at: stefan.west@se.ibm.com

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