Webinar – The Evolution of The Digital Workplace

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There are huge shifts in today’s business world as it relates to the new digital workplace – today’s digital workplace is not a place at all but an “office” defined by technology that merges work and life – a virtual space with applications, services and information when and where it is needed.

Join us on Thursday 24th August at 12:00 – 12:45 (CET time) and learn how IBM Digital Workplace Services supports multiple platforms and helps you to achieve your goals around digital workplace transformation.

Workforce is used to, and requesting, choices. And today’s IT partners need to be able to support multiple devices, platforms and applications in order to provide companies and employees choices, to enhance productivity, employee satisfaction and eventually reduce costs.
During the session, we will introduce IBM point of view on how to:

– Manage mobility and protect corporate information, across multiple platforms through integrated services
– Develop a mobile enterprise strategy
– Achieve higher service desk incident and problem resolution at reduced cost
– Extend, data and video collaboration to mobile

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