Understand public cloud and its capabilities

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Public cloud gives developers the possibility to provision resources on-demand and only pay for what they use, but what makes up a public cloud?

Recently, I argued why IBM Public Cloud is unique and what makes it an industry-leading platform for businesses to run their applications. In this blog, I will help you break down some basics about the possibilities and technical foundations. Furthermore, I will pinpoint why choosing IBM is something you will not regret.

In the video below, Sai Vennam provides an overview of public cloud. He explains and visualizes the different computing solutions, levels of control, as well as the many capabilities available in a public cloud. The benefits include heightened developer efficiency and, at the same time, lower overall costs. 

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Three reasons why you will not regret choosing IBM Public Cloud

As I truly believe IBM Public Cloud offers the industry’s most wide-ranging portfolio of enterprise services there are a lot of options. However, these three key factors demonstrate why our solution is something special.

  1. Leveraging open-source:
    • IBM Cloud supports more than 1,000 enterprise clients and more than 25,000 production clusters using Kubernetes.
    • With on-demand deployment of a managed Red Hat OpenShift environment and our commitment to the Red Hat ecosystem, it’s easy to connect and migrate.
  2. Market-leading protection for apps and data:
    • Threat monitoring and management across all of your clouds from a centralized security dashboard with IBM Security integration.
    • Kubernetes service with continuous container security, built-in isolation, and network segmentation for application protection.
  3. A foundation for enterprise workloads:
    • With nearly 2,000 clients, IBM Cloud is the right public cloud for VMware. We have the skills and expertise to migrate and modernize your VMware-based workloads.

Learn more about public cloud capabilities

If you would like to begin your journey with IBM Public Cloud or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Director, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Technical Specialists & Solutioning Nordic

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