The synergies of IBM and Red Hat solutions

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IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat was the largest ever in the IT industry. On this site, you can several stories about our partnership and the solutions we have introduced until today. For instance, I have explained why Red Hat OpenShift is a groundbreaking platform that will have the potential to accelerate business innovation and growth by enabling you to deliver applications with the freedom, flexibility, speed, and security required to succeed in a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

Furthermore, I have covered the many benefits of the five different IBM Cloud Paks that include a Red Hat OpenShift container platform. Benefits that in different ways can help all kinds of businesses to succeed in chapter two of their digital journey.

These examples in mind, I will argue there are obvious synergies as a result of the partnership that offers new capabilities and possibilities not seen before in the industry.

But what are the economic consequences of using Red Hat and IBM solutions together?

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an emerging Total Economic Impact (TEI) technology assessment study to examine the value proposition of current hybrid cloud solutions powered by a combination of IBM’s and Red Hat’s offerings. This includes hardware, operating systems, middleware, management and orchestration technologies, and professional services.

Forrester interviewed five organizations that are customers of both IBM and Red Hat to examine the ways in which they utilize solutions by both IBM and Red Hat in tandem and the (financial) impacts achieved as a result.

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