2017 Nordic Security Summit – September 19th, Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to Nordic Security Summit – September 19th, Copenhagen, Denmark The 2017 IBM Security Summit in Copenhagen is an exclusive opportunity to hear about Innovating for a New Security Reality. As cyber criminals find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, security leaders must consider innovative approaches to whatever challenges they face. In this forum we will […]

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Watson Summit Denmark

Welcome to IBM’s cognitive universe  The preparations for IBM’s big annual inspiration day are well under way. We invite you to our cognitive universe named Watson Summit Denmark. Cognitive technology creates historical breakthroughs for people, businesses and the world as a whole. No other technology can analyze such large amounts of unstructured data so quickly […]

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VMware Solution Summit 2017

IBM Cloud is proud to be a sponsor of VMware Solution Summit 2017. VMware Solution Summit 2017  is a full day of innovation to accelerate the journey to a software-defined business and the digital workspace. Realize what is possible when we cover a wide range of topics, ranging from mobile devices to the data center […]

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