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SimCorp and Iptor Supply Chains Systems future Cloud Strategy with IBM Cloud

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This year, we were pleased to host two new IBM GTS partners, SimCorp and Iptor Supply Chain Systems at IBM Think It was very exciting and interesting to hear these two partners reflect on their future Cloud strategy, which is based on IBM Cloud.

SimCorp has been developing SimCorp Dimension, a world-class front-to-back investment management solution, for over 40 years. Each year SimCorp invests more than 20% of their revenue into research and development, ensuring that their solution is capable of supporting clients’ key requirements.

SimCorp and IBM entered a partnership in December 2017, to establish SimCorp as a successful application service provider (ASP), offering SimCorp Dimension on the IBM Enterprise Cloud as a fully managed application to SimCorp’s clients.  Under our agreement, SimCorp clients enjoy the increased agility and flexibility of SimCorp Dimension on the fully-managed IBM Cloud.

With more than 16,000 active daily users and over 19 trillion dollars under management, we are a trusted partner to the world’s largest asset managers, whose solution is used by almost all of the world’s top 100 investment managers.

SimCorp’s Anders Kirkeby, Technical Fellow, Vice President, presented SimCorp Cloud Strategy, Afterwards, Anders told us:

It was great to get a chance to express our cloud strategy as an ISV at IBM Think 2018. The crowd was small but included at least one client whom I already knew and there is follow-up from that session at the moment so that was worth it for that reason alone. The presentation covered SimCorp’s path, but many of the decision points along the way are generally applicable in my view to other ISVs of mature enterprise software products with long-running client relationships.”

Iptor, whose Supply Chain systems are used by over 1,250 customers in more than 40 countries worldwide also presented their new Cloud strategy, which is based on IBM Cloud. For 40 years, Iptor have helped their customers improve visibility through inventory planning, purchasing and supplier management. Their supply chain solutions streamline, automate and accelerate warehouse, demand management and returns processing and help clients control operations from order to cash, expanding their margins every step of the way.

Iptor has chosen IBM Cloud solution so that their many satisfied customers’ solutions can still be offered on IBM Power I platform in combination with new services: Data Analytics and Cognitive, Application Monitoring & DR, Security, Collaborative Sales / Marketing and, not least, Blockchain.
Jayne Archbold, Iptor CEO and Christopher Catterfeld, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, presented. Jayne commented:

Our agreement with IBM is an enormous step in delivering our Cloud First strategy. Not only does it mean we can implement a state-of-the-art solution in a very short time but also it means that customers can be confident in the knowledge that they are supported by IBM’s ecosystem now and into the future. A year ago, we set out our vision to help distribution-focused organizations solve their most complex order management and fulfillment challenges in a world where exceptions are the rule – with this announcement we continue to deliver on that.”

Watch the video below to hear Aurelio Sanchez Ricart  (IBM VP Vice Infrastructure Services Europe) and Christopher Catterfeld (Iptor Chief Product and Marketing Officer) talk about teaming up, in order to provide a unique cloud experience.

We are working closely with partners to shape the next generation ecosystem.  Both SimCorp and Iptor are strong examples of how we are working with well-established industry leaders to transform their business to gain value from the digital economy; not just for them, but for their clients.

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