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SimCorp develops and delivers SimCorp Dimension, an integrated financial portfolio management solution for clients in the financial industry. The industry is facing significant challenges with increased levels of regulation, reporting requirements, data volumes, and asset classes, to name a few. Keeping up with all this change, as well as the complexity that comes with it, isn’t easy.

In December 2017, SimCorp and IBM entered a partnership to establish SimCorp as a successful application service provider (ASP). SimCorp will now offer SimCorp Dimension as a Service on the IBM Enterprise Cloud as a managed application for SimCorp’s existing and new clients. SimCorp clients will experience increased agility and flexibility on SimCorp Dimension. IBM will provide server management and connectivity, physical infrastructure, data center management, networking and security operations, disaster recovery and global network management – essentially, everything underneath the SimCorp Dimension application layer.

Every time a new contract for SimCorp as a Service is signed, SimCorp will bring in IBM to help with the final design for the client and the entire on-boarding process from pre-sales to operations. SimCorp and IBM have built a contract system to streamline this procedure, which – when combined with built-in automation and standardization – enables very fast setup of new client services.

Initially, IBM will provide resources to SimCorp through highly secure data centers in Amsterdam and Frankfurt that are mirrored for fast recovery in the event of a disaster. Soon, the offering will also be extended to locations in Dallas and Washington. To enhance cost-efficiency for SimCorp, IBM is building shared services environments in the two regions that will service SimCorp’s clients. These environments will include solutions, such as VMware and Citrix platforms, while any secure elements will be hosted on dedicated servers.

IBM Think 2018
Meet us at IBM Think 2018, where SimCorp will share how they have modernized and transformed their VMware applications from on-premise to the IBM Cloud, in order to meet client demands and create new business opportunities. While modernizing the existing IT environment, the client will have a single user experience, enabling increased agility and flexibility by utilizing IBM Cloud’s global infrastructure.

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