Seizing the data advantage

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The IBM Institute for Business Value has recently published the report “Seizing the data advantage“. The insights provided draw upon answers from more than 13,000 C-suite executives on what it takes to lead in a world full of bytes, data, and new emerging technologies.

In the report, the researchers identified a small group of enterprises that stand out from the crowd — the “Torchbearers”. The executives who help run these businesses aren’t intimidated by the data revolution; instead, they’re using the opportunities in front of them to make smarter strategic decisions, build stronger ecosystems, and experiment with new business models.

Torchbearer CEOs understand;

  • that heavy investments in technologies such as AI and machine learning are key factors in order to develop and maintain competitive advantages.
  • the value that new technologies, along with current, clean, and curated data, can bring to their organization.
  • the importance of helping to ensure their workforce can make the most of AI investments — with 55 percent of Torchbearer CEOs reporting that their staff is already extensively skilled in data science and analytics.

The results of the report are clear. The Torchbearer-organizations are markedly more innovative, profitable and flexible than their industry peers.

You can retrieve the full report by following the link below. There is a great chance you will learn something new that you can adopt in your organization – with remarkable value-creation as a result.

Enjoy the read and good luck with seizing the data advantage yourself!

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss how our first-in-class technologies may help you become a Torchbearer, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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