The clock is ticking – Get your SAP plan ready now!

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In 2025 all clients running SAP need to be on HANA S/4. If you have not already built your plan to get there, it’s critical to get started now. Migration to SAP HANA s/4 is no trivial task and requires thorough planning and platform selection. IBM has helped many clients doing successful migrations to SAP HANA s/4 on our Power Systems platform.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The year 2025 challenge
  • Migration scenarios
    – AnyDB to HANA
    – AnyDB to S/4 HANA
    – HANA 1.0 to HANA 2.0
    – x86 HANA to HANA on POWER
  • Target system design
    – Flexibility, sizing, scaling, reliability/HA, cloud management, storage, etc.
  • The migration project
    – Different scenarios, duration, effort/resources, what will change, etc.

Webinar details – The clock is ticking

Date & time: 10 September, 2019 at 10:00 CET

Register here: https://ibm.biz/BdzMvi

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at seesto@fi.ibm.com

Solution Architect, Infrastructure for SAP and AI IBM Q Ambassador

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