Nordic Cloud and AI Forum by IBM

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Welcome to an exciting morning, featuring a virtual forum where you can learn how to drive business results by using IBM’s cutting-edge technology.

On November 25th at 9:00 CET, we are kicking off our 2-hour virtual Cloud and AI Forum with Elin Eriksson, Director of Women in Tech in Sweden, as moderator.

We will be showcasing how businesses can adapt and evolve to new ways of doing business in challenging times. Alongside fellow peers and industry experts, you will learn how to adopt a holistic hybrid cloud architecture with IBM and Red Hat, helping you to more easily build and modernize your applications and deploy AI throughout your business.

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Highlights in the agenda

– IDC’s perspectives on Hybrid Cloud for enterprises in the Nordics
– A panel discussion about “The Future is Hybrid”
– Speakers from  Nordea, Voxo, and Temenos to name a few
– Engage with industry colleagues and technical leaders virtually to discuss present and future challenges
– Several interesting sessions such as Red Hat Openshift in the IBM Cloud, What is AI Ops, the future Hybrid Cloud Architecture and how to take advantage of data  and AI in a Hybrid Cloud Environment. 

Why and who should attend?

Learn how cloud and AI can help you ensure business sustainability and accelerate business transformation.

  • Gain expertise from cloud and AI experts
  • Get inspired by client stories
  • Engage with industry colleagues and technical leaders virtually to discuss present and future challenges.

The event is for organizations that are in need of digital transformation, automation or a guiding light within cloud and AI that shows how to not just adapt, or recover, but thrive, and emerge smarter. Whether you’re leading a business or coding new solutions there is something for you.

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Event Details – Nordic Cloud and AI Forum by IBM

Host: IBM
Date & time: November 25th, 2020 at 9:00 CET
Location: Digital event – attend from wherever you prefer
Participation fee: Free of charge
Registration and more information: Click here and here, respectively

We hope you will enjoy our compressed program featuring subject-matter experts, giving you insights that can help your organization to move forward on its digital journey.

If you have any further questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Nordic Marketing Leaders, IBM Watson Customer Engagement

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