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I attended the NextM conference in Stockholm. NextM is a yearly conference hosted by GroupM, and it is one of the largest tech events for marketers. The goal of the event is to inspire new thinking, ignite conversation and deliver exposure to original concepts.

For me as a marketer working within technology I was very inspired by all the interesting topics that were presented, such as digital innovation, what new opportunities augmented and virtual reality brings to your business and can make life easier, how intelligent agents work, and that GDPR is a great opportunity (not a threat) for marketers.

One of the most interesting keynotes was when Dennis Scheuer and Wolfgang Hildesheim from IBM talked about how intelligent agents can bring customer service to a whole new level. From the main stage they showcased a real live demo of Ask Mercedes – a virtual assistant for the Mercedes car owners that make their lives easier. This is a perfect substitute of the car manual book, and so much more engaging. Eager to learn more about the Ask Mercedes virtual assistant? Read their blogpost here and listen to their podcast here.

My other favorite keynote was Personal TV for all – Engagement is in the hearth and soul of Vasaloppet. Vasaloppet is one of Swedens largest events and strongest brands, and for more that 50 years, IBM has been Vasaloppet´s innovation partner. During the presentation, Jon Svensson, CMO of Vasaloppet and John Gibe from IBM spoke about how Vasaloppet and IBM together developed a new strategy that made the participant and fan experience even more engaging throughout the year, the result was personal TV for all! If you want to learn more, watch the recorded version in our webinar here.

There are so many opportunities out there, and I am sure all the NextM participants became inspired by all the great innovations created for marketers to increase business value. For example, how you can use IBM Watson to gain greater levels of insight into the targeting, timing and placements of ads. Learn how GroupM uses Watson to understand their customer journey!

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