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Experience the musical collaboration between IBM Watson and the newly established choir, KORAGE. The choir, which is made up of eight famous danish singers, has used Watson Sentiment Analysis and Watson Beat to create a whole new work of art and reach their shared DNA.

The eight female singers that are part of KORAGE are usually soloists: Pernille Rosendal, Sharin Foo, Hannah Schneider, Karen Mukupa, Josephine Philip, Rebekka Maria, Kristina Holgersen, and Louise Alenius Boserup as conductor. With the help from IBM’s lab in Austin and local powers, Watson has managed to analyze lyrics and melodies from members of the choir’s solo careers and given them a new musical output. This has been done by the means of Watson Beat and Watson Natural Language Understanding.

Next month, we proudly invite you to Watson Summit, and here, the Watson created song will be revealed in the opening of the event.

Watch the Danish singer Pernille Rosendal tell about the choir and the collaboration with Watson here.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me at BIRCK@dk.ibm.com if you want to learn more.

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