Are you also working from home? Join IBM Think Studio – Live from home

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Are you also working from home? Join IBM Think Studio – Live from home

Our flagship event Think 2020 has transformed into a digital experience that you can join for free and from the comforts of your office chair, sofa, or at the dining table with your family.

Think 2020, now called “IBM Think Digital” is a highly concentrated 2-day collaboration May 5th-6th, targeted at helping you accelerate essential recovery and transformation from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 while providing the deep technical education you need now.

To prepare our clients we came upon the idea to create several YouTube LIVE sessions that could help our clients and business partners get ready for the two event days where the focus among other elements will be to discover and adapt to new ways of working.

Nordic director of innovation, Thomas Anglero, has invited a panel of expert IBMers, that are also working from home, to talk about important technologies to you and your business, like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, security.

If you have not signed up for the event yet, then secure your complimentary pass → Click here

Quote by Thomas Anglero (Nordic Director of Innovation & host of IBM Think Studio – Live from home):

As we approach Think Digital and our first two YouTube sessions have gone live, I continue to be blown away by my IBM colleagues and the brilliance they bring to their clients. In preparation for the Think, we produced two live events with my co-host Jan Simonsen (Vice President IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software), our expert guests Petra Goude (General Manager GTS) and Brian Rasmussen (CTO & Technical Sales Executive).

Screenshot from one of the LIVE YouTube sessions

The depth of knowledge and the high level of articulation of why “this is the moment for cloud computing” was incredible.

Cloud computing and its features are one of the key messages at IBM Think Digital.
During our “Live from Home” shows we covered and explained, in simple language:

  • How a company can benefit from Cloud Computing? Why it is not too late to move your old infrastructure to the Cloud now?
  • Why IBM’s 100 years of experience differentiate it from other companies?
  • Why is now the time to innovate?
  • How to innovate, if you have never innovated before?
  • And why transitioning your business to the Cloud is going to make your business more economical, efficient, and future proof“.

IBM Think Digital is only a few days away and the first two LIVE sessions are available for replay.
Check out, respectively, session one and two below:

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The morning after the two-day IBM Think Digital event, we will be LIVE again on the 7th of May at 08.00 in the morning to summarize the keynotes and specific exiting sessions from the previous days.

On May 13th  at 1pm (CET) and 14th at 11.30am (CET), we will look back and give you a more actionable approach to your Journey to Cloud.

You will be able to subscribe to the IBM Nordic YouTube channel. If you do that, you will get a notification when we go LIVE. But already now, save the date and time in your calendar…

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at tbpedersen@dk.ibm.com

Nordic Social Media Strategist for IBM Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

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