IBM MaaS360 and ISS

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IBM MaaS360 provisioning and device management tool has been rated as “The best in class Cloud solution” by Gartner Group.

IBM installed the MaaS360 on 15.000 devices at ISS in just one day – which has helped ISS to increase productivity and, at the
same time, ensured compliance with all auditor related requirements for the mobile units.

Quote from ISS:
“The company’s enterprise mobility program has had a significant impact on employee productivity, which ultimately helps
reduce costs for ISS customers. Before, 80 percent of the time employees used the phone to make phone calls,” says Birgit Fagerholt, Program Manager at ISS “But now, 80 percent of the time, the phone is used to perform an activity—for example, registering hours, register a task, track what parts are used. That directly impacts our bottom line and saves our customers money.”


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