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IBM IoT | Client Stories | Inwido: Building Smart Homes in Europe

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Learn how IBM partnered with Europe’s largest window manufacturer to make homes in Europe smarter and safer with IBM IoT.

Inwido is Europe’s largest supplier of windows and a leading door supplier. The company has operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, the UK and Austria and also exports to a large number of countries.

Watch the video below to see why Inwodo chose to select the IBM IoT Platform:

These are to 4 critical for Inwido to select the IBM IoT Platform:


+20 brands, +15 markets, ships +2 million products/year. This means Inwido needs a robust platform that can scale with speed and not comprising functionality on the journey.


Inwido will not compete with the Googles or Amazons of the world but must ensure interoperability to these and other ecosystems.

Security, Privacy and data ownership

Inwido owns the data. To deliver on the promise to the consumer of improving safety in their home, Inwido must ensure safety is considered in all aspects of fits IoT platform. 

To more devices, the more data, the more data privacy compliance required.


As the physical world of devices and systems becomes increasingly digitized, these capabilities will allow clients, partners and developers to make greater sense of this data through machine learning and correlation with unstructured textual, video and image data.

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at:

Country Manager Commercial sales & CSP, Sweden IBM Global Markets

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