IBM Flash System 9100

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How do enterprises make sure to choose a storage system, that matches the challenges we meet with modern IT?

With the new IBM Flash System 9100, IBM has made that decision easy.

In the 9100 IBM has put every single new technology (hardware and software-wise) into a single product. This means, that the product is extremely compatible with companies who wish to use hybrid-cloud with some equipment on-premise and other parts in a public cloud.

As a matter of fact, Flash System 9100 can be used as a bridge between the two environments:

  • All data are accessible at any time
  • The system is built upon a high “uptime” where everything is redundant
  • It is possible to migrate all data from an old storage system to the Flash System 9100 during operation and without any downtime

In this video, I will take you through a story about Sophie, who is emphasizing data security and data stability when choosing a storage system for her company – a choice that does not only provide her with a state-of-the-art storage system but also a promotion!

Read more about IBM Flash System 9100 here.

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