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IBM Domino 10 and beyond

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In continuation of the long history of IBM Domino, IBM is investing in the long-term roadmap for the Domino product family. This is being done in a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies and intent is for a release 10 of the Domino portfolio in 2018 and moving forward.

Join a very exclusive group who will help define the roadmap for Domino 2025 with product management and development.

You will have a chance to offer suggestions and feedback by participating in the Domino 2025 Jam offered by IBM and HCL and help us shape the future. Furthermore, activities around the world like workshops, virtual events, user group events will be part of Domino 2025 program – participate and be part of the communities that influences the future directions of the Domino product family.

I encourage you to participate and engage – it is going to be exciting!

Learn more about the Domino 2025 Jam here, and join the group here.

For even more details about IBM’s investment in Domino, click here.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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