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IBM Cloud & Data Summit in Stockholm

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The future of your business, rides on the decisions you’re making today – Join the IBM Cloud & Data Summit in Stockholm the 31/5.

Leading companies are leveraging Cloud + Data to create entirely new client experiences, adapt at speed, and reinvent industry business models.
This half-day event brings CIO´s and senior practitioners, working with analytics, cloud, infrastructure and architecture in one place, to learn and discuss ways to meet the changing need of business with Cloud and AI.
The event offers concrete customer cases from different industries and companies. International keynote speakers and experts, as well as more focused breakouts and several possibilities for networking. You will get insight in how to innovate with the latest technologies and data, to gain the flexibility and control your need to deploy in multi-cloud environments.
The summit ends with a presentation on Watson in Space and our inspirational speaker Christer Fuglsang, Swedish physicist and an ESA astronaut.

Get inspired and “Let’s put Cloud and Data to work!

Click here to register.

For any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at:

IBM Systems Marketing Manager - Nordics

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