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IBM awards Netic ”Outstanding Security Partner 2020”

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Looking at the broad mass of cyber-attacks in recent years – those that have received public attention, as well as those that haven’t – one common denominator stands out, namely; 200 days.

200 days refers to the average time between the onset of a cyber-attack and the time at which the attack is detected. 200 days, during which the cyber criminals can steal know-how, money, and cause great damage to the affected companies.

As such, the way to minimize the companies’ risks is to enable them to detect attacks far earlier – simply because you can’t stop what you can’t detect.

To be able to detect attacks, you need data to analyze. These data exist – in the form of log data – in all companies, but they need to be aggregated in a common platform.

With Q-Radar, IBM offers such a platform, and coupled with IBM Resilient, companies will acquire capabilities to detect, classify, AND stop attacks. With this in mind, Netic A/S – a Danish IT service provider, specializing in security and application operations – has established a Security Operations Centre using IBM Q-Radar and IBM Resilient. From this, we offer customers to detect and respond to cyber-attacks round the clock.

We call this service Netic Managed Detection and Response, and it has led to IBM awarding Netic “Outstanding Security Partner 2020.”

In the motivation for the award, IBM wrote: “Netic’s strong security and project management competencies have contributed to Netics winning several new and large contracts within IBM Security. A fantastic partnership.

About Netic

For more than 15 years, Netic A/S – a danish IT Service Provider – has performed business critical services to private companies and public organizations. Therefore, we understand applications all the way from basic infrastructure through physical and virtual servers to the application with all its dependencies.
We know processes. But we add common sense. This means that we can offer you the necessary agility, that prevents you from being reduced to a pawn in a large process apparatus. Because in the end, what we serve is your applications and your services – operating those securely and efficiently for the benefit of your customers.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Marketing Manager, Netic A/S

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