How did a health firm get security fast for global COVID-19 vaccine trials?

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In this blog, you can learn how Signal Health got security fast for global COVID-19 vaccine trials. Furthermore, I will shortly present the IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson solution.

Signant Health was enlisted as the electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) partner for a global pharmaceuticals Phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials, which involved 30,000+ patients in six countries who spoke 17 languages. Due to the pandemic’s urgency, Signant Health had only days to achieve patient consent, compliance, and engagement through all study-ready mobile devices to complete its mission.

Using IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson, Signant Health had a single platform for patients and study teams to use kiosk mode, which enabled strict controls and security while keeping devices user friendly regardless of location. Additionally, the MaaS360 team delivered request for enhancement (RFE) to continuously support the large-scale device deployments and technical, process and contract issues. IBM MaaS360 helped Signant Health securely deliver vaccine trial results to Pfizer in just five weeks, from patients located everywhere from Argentina to Turkey.

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IBM Security MaaS360

The case-story above is just one example of many where this solution is a great fit. Taking a cognitive approach to unified endpoint management (UEM), watch how IBM MaaS360 with Watson brings risk exposures, opportunities, and information front and center for IT professionals in general.

If you would like to learn more about the solution and how it can help your organizations’ security efforts, please read this whitepaper. Are you already ready to get started exploring the solution? If so, you can start your no-charge trial via this link.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at if you have any further questions or inquiries.

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