Fast Track your Way to AI – Join Watson Build 2018

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After a highly successful Watson Build Challenge 2017, where innovative cognitive solutions from European Business Partners took the first and second place in the Global Championship, we are thrilled to announce Watson Build 2018.

To give you a fast start for your participation, we are inviting you to join our Watson Build Workshop in Holte on June 12th. During the workshop we will introduce you to the 2018 timeline and requirements, share insights from last year and give you tips to help you get started.

We’ll share IBM Design Thinking, with hands-on exercises to show how to develop a strong “user centric” solution idea. Then, using relevant examples and use cases, you will learn what it takes to build an AI solution on IBM Cloud. You will leave this workshop with a clear road map and plan to participate in the challenge.
We are looking forward to hosting you and we are sure you will find this workshop immensely valuable whether you are participating in the challenge or not.

If you already now know you want to join the build sign up here.

If you are unable to attend you will still be able to participate in the Watson Build 2018 with the help of IBM experts, free cloud credits, technical support, learning resources, and more…

The full workshop details are below:
Date & Time June 12th 2018, 08:30-14.00
Location IBM Client Center, Kongevejen 495B, 2840 Holte
Who should attend? Anyone interested in developing AI solutions with Watson and on IBM Cloud

Please register for the workshop by sending an email to

Click here for further information regarding Watson Build.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact me at:

Client Manager IBM Global Markets, Enterprise

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