Fast Track Your Data Event (Attend in Person or Online) – Live from Munich 22nd of June

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Secure your competitive advantage with machine learning.

Fast Track Your Data Event is a one-day event taking place in Munich on the 22nd of June 2017. You have the possibility to attend in person or online. Why attend?

The highlights of the day will be:

Apply Data science, machine learning, analytics and visualization

Session on how to connect data scientists, developers and business users. Consult one-on-one with experts from IBM’s Machine Learning Hub to tackle your biggest data problems. Learn how you turn these insights to analytics & visualized format for the business users – make the entire chain work faster!

Prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Less than a year to go until GDPR comes in effect. Learn essentials, misconceptions and opportunities from UK’s lead negotiator on GDPR. You will be able to get one-on-one advice at “Ask a GDPR Specialist”. In the demo hall, you will be able to see IBM’s GDPR solution.

Manage your data for better business

Sessions and demos will help you to make most of your data. Learn how to deploy your data, manage hybrid cloud + on premise environments smoothly, allow flexible deployments and allow for integration of multiple platforms, languages and workloads.

Gain the latest trends and advances that for getting the most out of your data!

 The speakers at this event will be some of the leading data visionaries. You will meet Hilary Mason, Rob Thomas and Marc Altshuller among others. Are you not familiar with these names? Check out here about their specialties:

To register – click here.

Why miss the opportunity to meet data pioneers, who can help build your data science strategy?  

Director, IBM Analytics Nordic

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