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Please read the inspiring Bluemix whitepaper written by IBM Bluemix Busines partner E-office in The Netherlands

IBM Bluemix is a cloud platform. You can use it to quickly and easily develop, manage and run cloud applications or services to offer to your customers, employees or partners. From web, mobile and social to big data and the Internet of Things: Bluemix forms the basis for services to make a difference as an organization.
This can be in all areas: sales and marketing, purchasing, customer service, HR, finance or operational activities. Bluemix itself is also a service you pay for according to usage and which is flexible and can grow with the needs of the organization. In IT terminology, this concept is called Platform as a Service, in short PaaS.

a bit of technology
IBM marketed Bluemix in 2014, one year later it already had 500.000 users worldwide. This strong growth is due to good timing, but also to the power of Bluemix. Technologically it is an open platform, on which various services of other companies than IBM are running as well.
Services form the basis of Bluemix. These are individual pieces of software to realize particular functionalities. All services can be easily and quickly connected to each other, to complete applications. The applications themselves can also be interconnected. This is done with API’s or Application Program Interfaces: they form the technological binding agent between all pieces of software. This standardization has a major impact on the speed at which you, as an organization, can offer new products or services. Nowadays we even speak of the API-economy.

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