Control and Automate DevOps with IBM Cloud Event Manager

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What is IBM Cloud Event Management?

With IBM Cloud Event Management, you control and automate how you:

  •  Identify and prioritize operational incidents.
  •  Notify the right people at the right time.
  •  Guide and automate resolution activity.

Watch the video below to see how IBM controls and automate DevOps with IBM Cloud Event Management.

Help first responders restore service promptly

  • Quickly and effectively cut through 75% of the event noise to prioritize, diagnose, assign and resolve incidents from a single service.
  • Empower operations first responders to expedite response to and resolution of events.

Support continuous application rollouts into production

  • Enable Ops and Dev to prepare for operational incidents.
  • Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops by automatically routing incidents, bringing together Dev and Ops teams to resolve complex faults last.

Empower Ops leaders to improve efficiency

  • Observe operational behavior and share subject matter knowledge where it is needed most.
  • Improve efficiency by turning knowledge and observed activity into guidance and automation, so incidents are resolved without intervention.

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